VIVOSUN Master Controller for Dimmable Digitial Ballasts and Grow Light System (315W/400W/600W/630W/750W/1000W)

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  • Programmable simulation: VIVOSUN master controller are able to control the lights to simulate sun rise and sunset. You can customize the operating time as you want. It provides the excellent care for your indoor growing environment
  • 2 MODES: VIVOSUN master controller has "follow mode" and "inverse mode". Follow mode requires to put only one sensors close to rooms' climate control system so that both sensors are exposed to the same temperature. Inverse mode requires to use both sensors in different room, so 2 sensors will execute inverse action, you can choose to control the lights in which room.
  • CLEAR INTERFACE: VIVOSUN master controller contains multiple functions with simple button control. Clear digital screen can accuratly indicate your settings, status and controller menu.
  • SAFETY CONTROL´╝Ü VIVOSUN master controller is designed with 2 quality sensors for checking temperature in all time.You can set your desired temperature so that it will automatically dim the lights when the temperature reach a specific level and turn off the lights if it reaches another temperature. "Main" and "aux" jacks each can be connected up to 80 ballasts (160 as total).
  • WARRANTY: This VIVOSUN master controller comes with a 1-year warranty. Please contact us as soon as possible if you have any problems with the device.

Product Description

VIVOSUN master controller regulates 1000W DE and 630W CMH ballasts.It can effectively provide a temperature-safety system for DE and CMH ballasts and safely control the turn-on and turn-off functions of bulbs. These functions help to reduce the strain on your ballasts and bulbs to ensure they can maintian the perfect performance and able to last for a long lifespan.


After use, the 1000W DE and 630W CMH systems need up tp 30 minutes of cool-down time. After turn off the device, the ballasts need between 20 seconds to 5 minutes depends on bulb temperature, then turn back on.
Ballast control: VIVOSUN master controller can accomodate maximum 160 ballasts at one time and able to control ballasts of 315W/400W/600W/630W/750W/1000W

Main and Aux jacks: each can be connected up to 80 ballasts (160 as total).

Wall-mountable: VIVOSUN master controller can be wall mounted using 2 nails or screws.

Input Voltage: 120-240V
Compatible ballast types: 315W/400W/600W/750W/1000W
Output level: 50 - 115%
Temperature sensors: 2
Output: 2
Number of Ballast per output: 80 (160 total)
EEM Modules: 2 Option

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