Transparent Window Shelf – Crystal Clear, Acrylic Ledge for Herbs, Plants & Flowers – Lightweight PlexiGlass Plant Holder with 2 Suction Cups – Great for Window Gardens, Terrariums and Vivariums

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  • ✔ GIVES ILLUSION OF FLOATING PLANTS --- The crystal clear plant pedestal is so discreet that it appears invisible and creates the illusion of floating shelves. Whether plants, planters, figurines or any other object you display, truly stands out when placed on this sleek acrylic Floro window plant shelf.
  • ✔ HELPS PROVIDE DIRECT NATURAL SUNLIGHT --- Many plants such as cactus, palms and succulents require direct sunlight to thrive and grow. When placed on a glass window shelf, starter seeds sprout faster, flowers blossom more vibrantly and aromatic herbs grow quickly and with prominent fragrance.
  • ✔ ADHERES TO ANY SMOOTH, NON-POROUS SURFACE --- Using two super strong suction cups, the versatile window plant shelf adheres to just about any smooth, non-porous surface such as glass, tile, mirror or porcelain. As long as the surface and the sucker are both clean, they stick with or without water so they work inside and outside the house or tank.
  • ✔ DURABLE, SCRATCH-PROOF ACRYLIC --- Made of strong, durable, transparent acrylic, the Plant Window Ledge is sleek, scratch proof and dependable. The plexiglass plant holder has a height of 3" (8cm), length of 7" (18cm) and the curved shelf extends out 5" (12.5cm) and is held in place by two strong suction cups.
  • ✔ STRONG SUCTION HOLDS UP TO 5LBS --- Although the garden window ledge itself is lightweight, it is still very strong and can reliably hold up to five pounds. The dependable weight bearing design and powerful suction force makes it safe to place much-loved fish, plants and decor on the clear shelf.

Product Description

What are the materials of the Floro Clear Planter Ledge?
The Transparent Window Plant Shelf by Floro is made using acrylic plastic (also known as plexiglass) and is 100% safe for fish, plants and people. Sleek and dependable, the ledge is 7" (18cm) long, has a 3" (8cm) high backboard and the curved shelf extends out 5" (12.5cm).

How do I install the plant shelf?
The Floro plexiglass shelf includes two sturdy suction cups that are needed to adhere the ledge to your window, wall or aquarium. Clean both the surface and the suction cup with alcohol and a microfiber cloth and allow it to dry. The sucker pads are concave and when pressed against the smooth surface, air is forced out creating a vacuum. Properly cleaning the surface and cups prevents breaking the seal to make sure the ledge stays in place. You should burp the suction cups every 3 months by firmly pressing them against the surface; this eliminates air that may have seeped in. If placed in direct sunlight, suction cups may weaken and need to be replaced every 6 to 12 months depending on the weight of the displayed objects.

Where can I place it?
As versatile as it is practical, the suction cup window shelf from Floro can be placed on a variety of surfaces. Place it on a glass window to be used as a plant pedestal or window garden shelf. It is a great place to grow a productive indoor herb garden or starting seeds for your outdoor garden. When used as an aquarium shelf, aquatic plants and decor appear to be floating in the water and add a creative dimension to your underwater habitat.

Why pets love it?
Pets like crabs, aquatic frogs, weather loaches and many others love to perch from time to time. This Transparent WIndow Shelf from Floro creates a "Mini Beach" for the pets when placed at the waterline of the aquarium. With this, they also enjoy the indirect sunlight beneath the curved platform.

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