The Blooming Jungle 24 Inch Plant Support Totem Pole – 2 Coco Coir Poles – Support Indoor Plants to Grow Upwards – Use Moss Poles Individually or Together

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  • TRAIN PLANTS TO GROW UPWARDS - These totem pole plant supports help creeping plants with aerial roots grow vertically towards the light, mimicking their natural environment.
  • READY FOR IMMEDIATE USE - Each moss pole set comes with two pieces of string each 120cm in length. Easily tie up your plant with a natural, easy to remove and non-damaging material.
  • PLANTS CLING EASILY TO NATURAL FIBRE - Each stake is covered in coir which is a natural fibre extracted from the husk of coconut. Aerial roots can easily penetrate this sustainable and organic material.
  • BUILD POLE AS PLANT GROWS - When plant has outgrown pole simply add extension on to create a longer climbing stick. No need to upset potted plant by replacing post.
  • PROVIDES SUPPORT TO VARIETY OF PLANTS - Climbing plants and vines need extra support when growing in pots and containers. These indoor plant poles are suited for Monstera plants, Ivy, Pothos, Philodendrons, Money plants and more.

Product Description

What you'll receive:

  • Two 12inch coco coir growing poles
  • Two pieces of string each 120cm in length

Benefits of coco coir material:

  • It's a natural, organic and sustainable material
  • Coco coir has a neutral pH value
  • It has high moisture retention which helps roots stay hydrated
  • Aerial roots grip better to porous material as opposed to wood or plastic

How to use:

  • Insert stake into pot of house plant
  • Use string to tie and attach plant to pole
  • Insert secondary pole as plant grows of if longer support pole is required

These plant totem poles are perfectly suited for indoor creeping plants, vines and plants with aerial roots. When grown in pots, these plants often require a bit of help to grow as they would in nature. They are looking for something to climb! A plant pole gives them something to cling to and helps them grow towards the light.

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