Sicall Auger Bulb Drill Tool Non-Slip, Garden Planting Tools Spiral Hole Digger Tool, For Planting Vegetables Flowers Tulips Tree Tool Fits Any Drill

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  • HIGH QUALITY DRILL AUGER - Sicalls Revolutionary Drill Auger works with any 3/8" standard drill. An auger tool is made for planting plants or used for digging. It Is also a great tulip bulb tool that helps you post holes in the ground. Manual earth augers are usually a manually turned device, which makes digging hard. Our auger is designed to fit any electric drill so that your work gets done easily.
  • ERGONOMIC USE - Sicalls planting augers are handheld which means it reduces fatigue and is heavy duty designed to make the nicest holes for your garden.
  • BUILT TO LAST - Whether you are planting vegetables, seeds or bulb plants this planting auger bit will do a great job on getting the right holes in the soil easily.
  • AVOID WASTED ENERGY - The Exceptional Sicall Auger will help you break up the soil as you drill your planting holes. Well made holes gives your plants excellent soil contact from the start and helps encourage growth. Back-filling planting holes with soil is an important part of the planting process, too. When you use a shovel, it doesn't break up the soil while you dig planting holes.
  • HOW TO DIG PROPERLY - First, you are going to want to dig the planting hole. Next, inspect the root. Lastly, water the shrub. The most important step to planting is watering the shrub immediately after planting.

Product Description

Sicall Heavy Duty Planter Auger Spiral Drill Bit - Great Garden Hand Tool for Planting Seedlings and Small Bulbs


✔ Heavy duty 5/8" steel shaft completely solid and durable bulb planting tool with Non-Slip and anti rust 

✔ Fits any standard 3/8" or larger drill and will not get removed easily 

✔ Sicalls bulb bedding plant auger, helps you get the most results from your plants with minimal effort.

✔ Avoid wasting time - helps you minimize your planting time so that you can move on to what else matters most!

✔ Great on any kind of soil tough soft or moist earth types

✔ Durable cast steel iron prevents this tool from rusting away 

✔ No special installation needed you can use it straight out of the box 

✔ Planting auger spiral shape triple welded design and will NOT bend!!

✔ Sicall mastered the Craftsmanship of this bulb planter auger so that you only get the best!

✔ Doesn't require great strength - attach it to a standard drill and make the process way more effective than using a shovel!

More Product Details:

★ Material: Strong Cast Steel

★ Overall Dimension 12 inch long and 3 1/2 inches wide 

★ Weight specifications: 0.9 lbs

Product Detail

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