SANDEGOO Pole Saw,10 FT Pole saws for Tree Trimming Tree Trimmer Foot Pole Pruning Saw Extension bar Manually use The Extension bar Saw Tree Trimming bar splicable Limb Saw and Trimmer(10 FT)

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  • 🏆 Double Hook Saw-Guaranteed to be the absolute best dual-purpose pruning shear on the market today. A saw has two important uses! Used as a pole saw for high trimming, or a hand saw for low trimming and trimming.
  • 🏆 Extension rod-combined with the most suitable size 10 FT on the market, it can be extended indefinitely, the length can be freely changed, and the multifunctional trimming rod
  • 🏆 Sharp-The shaver has a sharp three-sided sharpened edge and a double-sided barb design. Soft handle wrapped for comfortable grip
  • 🏆 Simple assembly-received immediately ready for use. For best performance, provide a trim distance of about 17 feet when standing-always extended, if not fully used, first use the thicker lower pole section
  • 🏆 High quality-lightweight stainless steel extension rod, can not rust and rot for a long time, continue to use next year, occupying small storage space

Product Description

Stay away from the stairs. Stay away from the roof. Stay safe ...... find work with SANDEGOO! Tips for using and extending the rod If full extension is not required, extend and use the lower pole section first. These sections are thicker and stronger and will provide the best sawing experience. To minimize pole bending when incompletely extended, do not leave approximately 6 inches of overlap between fully extended pole segments. Let the sharp teeth do the job. Focus on the up and down movement of the saw, rather than trying to press the saw into the wood. GoSaw can only be screwed onto the metal tip of the rod. Some rods have separate plastic hinged heads. This plastic tip is perfect for use with cleaning accessories, but not for tree trimming. After securing GoSaw to the pole, use a screwdriver to tighten the locking screw on the base. This will further secure the end of the rod. If any pole shoe begins to slide, use a screwdriver to tighten the locking buckle on the pole

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