Remiawy Plant Covers Freeze Protection Frost Blanket for Plants Trees Shrubs-Reusable Shrub Covers Jacket with Zipper Drawstring, Frost Cover for Animal Protection (85”X75” Shrub Jacket 2 oz/sq yd)

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  • ★PERFECT SOLUTION FOR DOING ORGANIC GARDENING:If you are doing organic gardening, or just want to reduce pesticide use, Remiawy shrub winter covers are the best choice for you. Reusable season after season,this quality winter shrub cover is made from tear-proof and breathable fabric. The material allows air and water to reach plants. Remiawy plant covers for animal protection will help protect branches buds and fruits from hungry deer,rabbits,worms and birds.
  • ★GIVE PLANTS A COZY HIDEAWAY THAT'S WARMER THAN SURROUNDING AIR:Plant Protection Blanket is a great option for overwintering and protecting plants from deep freezes.It effectively insulate outdoor plants from severe cold and frost, providing the protection they need to survive through harsh winter.Warmer heat is trapped beneath the plant blanket and held near plants.This plant blankets freeze protection is great for protecting shrubs,potted plants,and trees.
  • ★ZIPPER AND DRAWSTRING DESIGN FOR EASY USE:Remiawy frost cover features a simple-to-use zipper and drawstring to keep out the most inclemency of autumn, winter and spring weather,offering protection from both ground and air frosts.The zipper reduces the risk to young shoots and flower buds when fitting and removing. It also allows easy access for checking condition of plants.The drawstring at the bottom ensures a snug fit and keep the frost blanket from flying off in the wind.
  • ★ EXTEND THE SEASON AND FITS PLANTS WITHIN 5" H x 85" W : Remiawy shrub cover proves invaluable on both ends of the growing season.By covering plants, gardeners are able to start plants earlier in the spring, keep them going later in the fall and winter. Remiawy shrub jacket cover fits up to 75"H x 85"W.The 2.06 oz/sq yd fabric allows 30% light transmission.The frost protection is down to 20℉. It is recommended to remove the shrub jacket cover during sunny day and let more light pass through.
  • ★COMPREHENSIVE WARRANTY & BEST AFTER-SALE SERVICE.All Remiawy plant cover comes with one year guarantee.If any frost blankets for plants found defective or in a damaged condition or any other problem found during use,please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call (message) us at +1-929-464-6392 for replacement or refund.Our customer service executive will be there at your service. We ensure you that you will get the complete service and true value of your money.

Product Description

Remiawy shrub covers work perfect to protect your plants and bushes from winter winds, late freezes, hungry animals and more.
Get one of these shrub covers and end your struggling with frost ! With zipper and drawstring , Remiawy shrub covering wraps easily around your plant for quick, effective protection. The shrub Jacket will help protect branches and buds from hungry deer and rabbits, harsh winter winds, road salt, and untimely frosts. It will help protect the fruit, flowers, and growth so that you can enjoy fruit instead of just dreaming about it until next year!

Size: 75"H x 85"W
Weight: 1.45lb
fabric weight: 2.06oz/sq yd
Light transmission: 30%
Frost protection Range: down to 20ºF

How to Install Remiawy shrub cover for cold weather:
1. unfold the shrub cover by opening the zipper
2. cover the plant from top to bottom
3. zip up the shrub jacket cover
4.Secure the shrub cover edges with drawstring.

Tips about applying the winter wrap for plants
The light transmission of this 2.06 oz/sq yd fabric is 30%. It is use for frost protection, you can remove it during the sunny day to let more light pass through.
The size of the shrub jacket is 75"H x 85"W. The maximum height and width should be within this range, or it is hard to apply the cover on plant.
Clean the shrub jacket cover could extend its lifespan. Gently clean the fleece with a cloth and keep it dry before putting them away.

Warranty Disclaimer
The warranty period for plant cover from Remiawy is 365 days from the date of purchase.It covers any defects in material and workmanship under normal use during the warranty period.If you have questions, feel free to reach out to our after-sales team . We're happy to help you solve any problem.
Email us at: [email protected] 
Call /text us at : +1-929-464-6392

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