Plant Watering Bulbs (2 Pack) Glass Self-Watering Stakes Water Globe Automatic Irrigation Device For Indoor & Outdoor Plants Garden Patio Flower Pot Hanging Planters

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  • ❀ FOR BUSY GARDENERS - An automatic plant watering device for gardeners for their busy days and vacation days. The glass watering bulb releases water slowly into the soil to keep the plants hydrated for days. This set of the bulbs is of smaller size for smaller plants or temporary garden care.
  • ❀ GOOD GARDENING HELPER - Self watering device to keep irrigating and cooling down the temperatures for plants outside in hot weather and for plants that need extra water and care. It is a good gardening helper for plants in pots and hanging planters, in your house, patio, garden and green house, at your doorway, porch, backyard and anywhere that your garden watering system can't reach.
  • ❀ TO BREATHE NEW LIFE INTO YOUR GARDEN - Set of two with designs of bird and snail for you to decorate your garden, turning it into a full of life jungle where there are lovely birds, lush evergreens and dawdling snails
  • ❀ HAND BLOWN & GOOD QUALITY - The watering bulbs are made by glass-blowing and moulded by hand. The glass is durable and its shape and color is unchanging by exposure to sunlight. It will last for a long time and it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • ❀ EASY TO ASSEMBLE - ①Turn on the water tap and turn it down a little to let the water run slowly. ②Fill water into the bulb through the pipe opening. ③Wrap the opening with soaked cloth to prevent the pipe from clogging by mug. ④Pipe downwards, then insert it into the soil. Amount of water flowing out depends on the quality of the soil.

Product Description

How to keep your plants growing and stay hydrated when you away?

Of course, you can ask your neighbor or friend for help to take care your houseplants for you during your vacation or business trip away. Or, you could use our self-watering bulbs. What you have to do is to fill the watering bulbs with water and insert them into the soil of the planters before you pack your bags and leave. It might just take you a few minutes.


Good gardening helper for your flowers and plants

Some of the flowers and plants need extra care and water to grow, it really takes you time and effort. Our self-watering bulbs release water slowly into the planter, it keeps the soil moist for days without human help. And if you run into a hot weather day your flowers are suffering and almost having a "sunstroke" the self-watering bulbs could help to cool down the temperatures for your plants and keep the flowers blooming.


To breathe new life into your garden

Designs of bird and snail for you to decorate your garden to turn it into a full of life jungle where there are lovely singing birds, lush evergreens, blooming flowers and dawdling happy snails.



Material: glass

Color: transparent

Shape: bird; snail

Package Contents: 1 bird watering bulb; 1 snail watering bulb

Item Weight: 45g*2

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