Ohuhu Solar Powered Horned Owl Decoy with Flashing Eyes & 3 Different Scary Sounds

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  • 🦉 Scare Away Unwanted Critters: Overrun with unwanted animals? Take control with the hyper-realistic Ohuhu Solar Powered Owl Decoy! When animals are within range, the owl will run animals off with hooting and flashing eyes. It's just like the real thing!
  • 🦉 3 Intensity Modes: Thanks to the 3 intensity modes, this electronic scarecrow can scare off animals of all sizes and species. Choose between hooting and flashing, or flashing only, or turn it off with the flip of a switch!
  • 🦉 Solar Powered: No need for cords and batteries- a sunny spot is all you need. The built-in solar panel keeps the owl decoy charged throughout the day, guaranteeing it's always ready to go.
  • 🦉 Waterproof, Durable & Lifelike: Bring on the bad weather! The high-quality plastic and non-fading paint won't fade, chip, or crack. Whether it's scorching heat, bitter cold, or gloomy rain, the Ohuhu Solar Powered Animal Repeller can handle it all.
  • 🦉 Humane and Easy to Use: The Ohuhu Solar Powered Owl Decoy is designed to be kind. This animal repeller is free of traps and poison, keeping animals at bay without causing them harm. Installation is easy- just set it down or hang it up!

Product Description

Squirrels and rabbits and rodents, oh my! These critters may be cute but they don't belong in your home or outdoor garden. Get rid of pests for good with the Ohuhu Solar Powered Owl Decoy! This animal repeller is ultra- realistic, using lifelike coloring, hooting, and eerie flashing eyes to scare away unwanted creatures. It's effective for animals big and small- just choose one of the 3 intensity settings. Even better, this animal repeller is kind to the environment! The decoy is free from traps, chemicals, and poisons, while the solar panel eliminates the need for non-renewable energy sources. It won't harm animals or the earth. This solar powered animal repeller is perfect for yards, gardens, barns, stables, rural homes, and so much more. Give yourself some peace of mind with Ohuhu!

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