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  • HEALTHY LAWN, HAPPY LIFE! Everyone wants a beautiful, thriving yard to show off and enjoy! Now you can maintain and take care of your lawn with our easy to use spiked shoe attachment! These lawn aerator shoes offer a superior alternative to expensive professional gardening services which could cost you fortunes on quality lawn care and maintenance! Help your grass absorb nutrients, water, and air from the deep roots to make your lawn and garden healthier and more vibrant!
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZING! One size fits all! Each pair of aerator shoes have sturdy straps that will help you adjust them to a perfect fit! Great for men and women alike! Easy to put on and use! Our shoes are the ultimate gardening tool! Get off your hands and knees and make the job easier for yourself! Lawn maintenance made simple! Each shoe has a durable plastic base with metal spikes attached to the bottom! And as a bonus, you will receive a pair of gardening gloves with your purchase!
  • DURABLE AND LONG LASTING! Our product was made to last! These aerator shoes are made up of a sturdy plastic base which provides good heel support, heavy duty metal spikes on the bottom, and adjustable straps with strong buckles to help provide the most secure fit possible! Designed to be anti-corrosive and durable. The aerators will stay firmly on your feet and the sharp spikes will allow you to dig the soil with ease! One of the best yard tools around! Our garden spreader won't disappoint!
  • GREAT IN DIFFERENT TYPES OF SOIL! From grass, dirt, sand, and clay, these aerating shoes will do the trick! It's easy and fast to slice deep into the surface with these heavy duty aerator shoes. By doing this you're allowing water, sun, air and nutrients to be absorbed from the roots! Give your garden and yard the care that it deserves! No more procrastinating about your lawn! Our aerators will become one of the most beloved lawn care tools that you own!
  • U.S.A. Design and Testing: While our products are manufactured overseas (let's be honest, what isn't these days..) ALL of our DESIGN AND TESTING was done right here in the United States. Our USA customer service team stands by to provide you with exceptional, lightning quick responses to your every concern. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Product Description

Are you looking for an easier way to maintain your lawn? Look no further than our aerator shoes!

They're easy to use and one size fits all!

Each shoes has a sturdy plastic base with sharp metal spikes attached to the bottom, allowing for easy penetration of all kinds of soil!

✓ Just walk around your yard with these aerating shoes! Our lawn tool will be a great addition to anyone who wants a healthier, more vibrant yard!.

✓ Simply open our product, attach the spikes, and give your lawn what it deserves!

✓ Trust us to help you maintain your yard without having to pay for expensive lawn care services! It's a trendy, easy to use, and high quality product.

We are a U.S.A. based company run by Americans. We stand by our products 100%. If you are unsatisfied for any reason we will send you a replacement.

No. Questions. Asked.

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