grower nets Grow tent flexible trellis

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  • New! new larger metal hooks.. so stretch away , no more plastic hooks to break!

  • One size fits all: Easily for 4x4 but will stretch to 5x5. Can move hooks in and fit 3x3, 2x4 ..or any combination under 4x4.

  • True Scrog style net: Lower netting helps train and spread out plants. upper netting helps support in flower.(lower mesh 4" and upper mesh 6")

  • Last net you will need to buyMade with latex and carbon fiber. They are very durable, yet still soft enough to move with plant rather than cutting into plants.

  • Ease of use: No more cutting netting and zip ties, ruining your favorite trimming scissors. With the Grower Scrog Net you can easily attach to tent poles with our hooks and easily remove and slide on poles as needed.

Product Description

How to Scrog with Grower Scrog Nets in a grow tent.

You want to start early in vegetative stage to start shaping your plants and get as many tops as possible. As soon as you can ...start topping your plants and lollipopping (thinning the underside) this helps direct more energy to the upper canopy. When you're ready to put into your scrog. Pull down your lower net so it's firmly on top of your plant canopy pulling out branches and bending branches as needed.

The idea here is to take all those side branching and turn them into vertical main branches themselves within the lower screen. You want to try to fill all the areas of your screen with some pretty good size vertical branches. When your lower screen is nearly full...

now is the time to maybe switch it into flowering. As the flowers grow you can use your upper larger mesh netting as support.. The whole idea of scrogging is designed so that you take advantage of that 12 to 18 inches that you get of good light penetration for indoor growing. Think of it as growing a Flatbush rather than growing a Christmas tree. Substantially better yields and lower plant counts.

Dont settle for cheap knock offs. We are the original, and patent pending Grower Scrog Nets. 

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