FLORO 2 Large Marimo Moss Balls – Low-Maintenance, Easy to Grow Aquatic Plants – Pair of Vibrant Green, Naturally Spherical 1.2″ Algae Plants – Excellent for Both Novice & Experienced Gardeners

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  • ✔ NATURALLY ROUND AND BRIGHT GREEN --- This beautiful duo of large marimo moss balls from Floro are vibrant green in color and naturally spherical in shape. These unique aquatic plants arrive at a size of 1.2" (3 cm) in diameter and grow at a very slow rate of approximately 5mm each year.
  • ✔ DYNAMIC ADDITION TO YOUR TERRARIUM --- Plants come in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes. For a truly dynamic and special garden or terrarium, diversity is key. The naturally round and pretty green algae plants are non-traditional, exotic and add an eclectic feel to any environment they are incorporated into.
  • ✔ BEAUTIFUL FOR UNIQUE HOME DECOR --- More than simply an exquisite plant, marimo moss looks particularly exceptional when used in home or office decor. Place them in a decorative glass vase or bowl, add a few crystals or shells and put in the center of your dining table for a stunning centerpiece or on your desk for a calming enhancement.
  • ✔ LOW-MAINTENANCE AND EASY TO CARE FOR --- Marimo moss balls are incredibly low maintenance and very easy to care for, making them an excellent choice for beginner gardeners. As aquatic plants, they require water, but not much more than that, a little light and the occasional squeeze.
  • ✔ HIGHLY BENEFICIAL TO YOUR OTHER PLANTS --- Unlike the name suggests, marimo is actually a rare type of algae that grows into a ball and rolls around the bottom of water bodies. Because marimo requires the same nutrients as the undesirable algae, marimo eats up all the necessary food for that algae to grow, naturally eliminating any other algae in your underwater plant habitat.

Product Description

How large do the marimo moss balls grow?
These two Floro Marimo Moss Balls arrive to your home with an approximate diameter of 1.2" (3 cm). They grow at an approximate rate of 5mm each year. When properly cared for, marimo can grow up to 12 inches in diameter over many years.

Is Marimo safe for my other plants?
As an all natural plant without any added dyes or unnatural supplements, the Floro Marimo Moss Balls are 100% safe for your other plants. Not only are they safe, but they are actually extremely beneficial to your plants and surrounding environment. Like most plants, marimo moss balls absorb CO2 and release oxygen in the water, but unlike other plants, marimo (actually an algae) eats the same nutrients as unsightly algae. Because your healthy moss balls are sucking up all the food, there is nothing left for other algae, thus preventing any unwanted algae in your terrarium.

What do I need to maintain the health of my marimo moss?
Marimo is surprisingly easy to care for. The two large moss balls have very few requirement in order to thrive: room temperature water, indirect lighting and a little love. Because marimo is spherical from rolling around on the bottom of the sea, it is recommended to roll the marimo around in your hands every few weeks. This helps maintain its natural shape, even coloring and help prevent any area from turning brown. Since marimo absorb nitrates and debris, taking them out of their water and squeezing them will help release the waste so they can start fresh.

Can I use the moss balls outside of my terrarium?
Yes; however as an aquatic plant, marimo do need a constant source of water, just not necessarily in a terrarium or water garden. The aesthetically appealing plant looks amazing when used in unique home decor, as a wedding table centerpiece and even in the classroom. The pet-friendly marimo moss balls are also an excellent addition to betta fish and shrimp tanks

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