Copper Amaryllis Support Stakes Trio – 3 Plant Supports from Easy to Grow TM

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  • 3 STEM SUPPORTS: Holds your Amaryllis, Paperwhites, and other plants upright - ideal for double or large flowers.
  • STRAIGHT AND TALL: 14" tall stakes hold stems straight to keep them safe from falling over as blooms get heavy.
  • STYLISH COPPER: Metal support stakes remain colorfast indoors and smaller size keeps the focus on the flowers.
  • SAFE AND GENTLE: The copper ring can be bent to fit the right stem size and won't harm the amaryllis stems.
  • CALIFORNIA NURSERY: Ships immediately from Easy to Grow Bulbs in the USA, a California Licensed Nursery.

Product Description

Sometimes Amaryllis blooms grow so big they need support to avoid falling over. This is especially true for the full double flowering types and for the extra large flowers produced by big bulbs (like ours!). Avoid disappointment for yourself and for your giftees with these elegant copper-clad support stakes. Just poke a stake into the soil and slip the top ring around the flower stem. Voila!

This set of 3 support stakes are made of adjustable, bendable copper, and each ring gently cradles straight blooms up to 16.5" tall.

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