Bonsai Wisteria Tree – Amethyst Falls Wisteria Plant, Heavy Established Roots – 2 Year Old Wisteria

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  • A Unique Bonsai Plant that will flower beginning in the first or second season - blooms are not guaranteed when shipped
  • Fast Growing and Very Hardy, Can be Outdoor or Indoor Bonsai. Ships in a 3 inch plastic trade pot to qualifying states
  • The main photo is what this plant can look like. The plant you receive will be similar to the other photos or the ones in the reviews.
  • Tree will be approx. 12 inches tall - 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Product Description

You get one Amethyst Falls Wisteria Bonsai Plant that comes in a 3 inch plastic trade pot with roots well established in soil. This native plant is much less aggressive than its Asian cousin, the Blue Moon Wisteria, making it a much better Bonsai Specimen. But dont be fooled, this little plant will grow quite fast and typically blooms in the first or second season with fragrant, vividly purple flowers on 4- to 6-inch racemes. Hardy in Growing Zones 4-9, it can be grown outdoors as well and can grow up to 30 feet if left alone in good soil. This plant will arrive approx 8 inches tall and will be eager for a drink of water and some light from a window sill to take off growing. Great as an indoor or outdoor Bonsai, this unique plant will be sure to spark conversation with anyone that sees it. Very tough and disease resistant it can grow in partial or full sun. I recommend re potting this fast grower into a bigger bowl or pot right away along with some high quality potting soil or Bonsai Medium. No fertilizer is necessary in the first season if using good starter soil. Enjoy this Rare Bonsai Plant for Years to Come.

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