Big Pack – (1,000) American Elderberry Seeds – Sambucus Canadensis – Non-GMO Seeds by MySeeds.Co (Big Pack – Elderberry)

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  • 1,000 Seeds Minimum Per Packet - BIG PACK
  • American Elderberry Seeds - Sambucus canadensis
  • EDIBLE FRUIT - Edible Hedge Shrub With Fruits - FRAGRANT EDIBLE FLOWERS
  • Zones 3 - 9
  • These seeds are from a Northern range collection which are more cold hardy than Southern range collection

Product Description

American elder, or elderberry, is a bushy, multi-stemmed, wide spreading shrub or small tree with deciduous compound leaves. It typically grows 10-15 feet tall with a similar spread. The leaves of the American elder are opposite, pinnately compound (featherlike), and up to a foot long. Large, terminal, flat-topped clusters of fragrant, tiny star shaped white flowers arranged in showy sprays up to 10 inches across appear in spring. The flowers are followed by clusters of shiny dark purple to black, berry-like fruits (drupes) in late summer to fall. Fruit may be used to make preserves, jellies, pies and wine. Fruit is also attractive to wildlife. In the fall, elderberries put on a colorful display of yellows, oranges and reds.

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