4 Large Marimo Moss Balls – 1″ Round Aquatic Plants for Terrariums – Low-Maintenance, Living Plant for Beginner Gardener – Unique, Exotic Shaped for Experienced Horticulturist

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  • ✔ ORIGINALLY SPHERICAL IN SHAPE --- The marimo moss balls are found rolling around the bottom of lakes and rivers, thus they get their spherical shape from the running water. These round plants start with a diameter of approximately 1" (3 cm) and grow around 5mm per year. You should occasionally roll the marimo around in your hands to retain its round shape.
  • ✔ LOW-MAINTENANCE WATER PLANT FOR BEGINNERS --- Young and beginner plant hobbyists are often worried about the survival of their delicate greenery. With the easy to care for marimo moss balls, there are very few requirements leaving little room to make a mistake. Marimo needs room temperature water, indirect lighting, and occasional minor maintenance.
  • ✔ UNIQUE ADDITION FOR EXPERIENCED GARDENERS --- More experienced horticulturalists appreciate the unique round shape and "fluffy" texture of the marimo moss balls. The Floro pack of 4 large marimo plants brings a dynamic, exotic feel to your terrarium without adding any more work.
  • ✔ EFFECTIVELY PREVENTS UNSIGHTLY MESS --- Just like other living plants, marimo also partake photosynthesis. However; unlike most aquatic plants, marimo also helps in eliminating all the gunk or goop. Marimo is actually a rare form of plant that traps all dirt and scum making your tank water crystal clear.
  • ✔ PERFECT FOR CUSTOM DIY DECOR --- These rare aquatic beauties are great for more than terrarium or vivarium decor. The Floro Set of 4 Large Marimo Moss Balls is a stunning, all natural enhancement to do-it-yourself home and office decoration. Adding marimo gives a pleasantly soothing decorative touch.

Product Description

I am new to water gardening; is Marimo a good choice?
Because the marimo plants are so low maintenance and easy to grow, they are an excellent choice for beginners. These four large marimo moss balls from Floro are 1" (3cm) in diameter and grow approximately 5mm each year. With few requirements, this round, bright green aquatic plant can live for decades and reach diameters of up to 12" (30.5cm). In order to thrive, marimo need clean, room temperature water, indirect lighting and a gentle roll from time to time. No water treatments, heat lamps, fertilizers are required.

My terrarium has many species of plants; are the marimo moss balls safe to add?
All natural and organically grown, the Floro marimo algae plants are safe to add to any freshwater habitat. Adding the exquisite, round marimo moss balls to your terrarium brings a dynamic uniqueness hard to find in other traditionally shaped plants.

Can I place the algae balls in tanks with my aquatic pets?
Absolutely. When placed in a fish or shrimp tank, the marimo balls suck up nitrates, fish excreta and other debris providing cleaner, clearer water. Every few weeks you should take the marimo out and give them a gentle squeeze to rid them of the excess waste they have accumulated.

What else can the marimo moss be used for?
Naturally vibrant green in color, the marimo moss balls are a beautiful addition to other vessels besides a terrarium or tank. Put them in a clear dish on your kitchen counter for a calming effect. Add the marimo, some sparkly crystals or glass pebbles to a decorative vase for a unique table centerpiece. Use these easy to grow aquatic plants in the classroom to teach children the responsibility of taking care of a living thing and the pride that follows.

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